Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sonnenberg Gardens

The Sonnenberg Gardens show has come and gone. It was a nice weekend despite the rainstorm on Sunday. The organizers did an awesome job and it was the first show I've ever done where we were given a catered reception, including sushi. Yum. So the summer is drawing to a close. A couple of my favorite pieces are still available at Gallery 54. This one is done with cast twigs and leaves. The stone is sonora sunrise. I was asked by a few people about the stone so I did a little research. It is found in Mexico, and is a combination of chrysocolla and red cuprite - all natural color.

Here is my show set-up, with the new banner.
Another piece of good news: I've been invited to take a graduate level metalsmithing class at SU this fall. I'll have access to a the campus metal studio which is awesome. I find that being around the school keeps my creativity from getting too static. I have a lot of new casting projects planned, so stay tuned~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just a preview of what's coming out of the studio...

The summer has not slowed down a bit, but here, finally, are some new photos. Just a note about the photos - I take them all myself, and I am a very amateur photographer, but I do my best. Jewelry is hard to photograph for many reasons, esp. size and the reflections on the metal. It's fun to keep trying though.

Lately, I seem to be in the mood to work with turquoise. Perhaps it's nostalgia for my time in the southwest. This stone is really gorgeous. I decided it was so beautiful that a simple setting was best.

The Octopus's Garden.....and another cuff bracelet. This photo really has room for improvement! Inspired by snorkeling in St. John (years ago) and a recent trip to the Cape.

Happy August. For those of you in CNY, come see me at Sonnenberg!