Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Forest for the Trees

One of the challenges of being an artist/ craftsperson is learning the tools for communicating, and presenting work to others.  In the modern world, it seems almost imperative that an artist have a digital presence……a website, a blog, etc..  That being said, some of us, myself included, are challenged by learning the tools necessary for such things!  I love the immediate satisfaction of creating something with my hands.  By contrast, I seem to lack the patience necessary to learn technical/ digital media.  So……where am I going with this?  I bought a new camera.  I have no clue how to use it!  The camera came with a disk containing a 350-page digital book explaining all the features.  Egads!!!!  That is a lot of pages to read about something so boring.  I will soon be calling my photographer brother and begging for help!  
Here are my first photographic attempts with the new camera, and a glimpse of two bracelets that will be included in the First Friday opening at Gallery 54 this week!
Sterling and fine silver "forest" cuff with blue moonstone and peridot

Sterling link bracelet with plume agate, boulder opal, ammonite, and dry head agate.
This weekend's opening is titled "The Forest for the Trees".  My work is featured with the work of my friend, fiber artist Sharon Bottle-Souva. Here is a sampling of her recent quilt panels.
Being that this is a Holiday weekend I realize folks may have plans, but if you are free, stop by between 5 and 9 for wine, snacks, and music by singer-songwriter Jane Zell. Our new work can be seen all month at Gallery 54 in Skaneateles.  Happy 4th!!!