Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cicadas and Wild Roses

AKA waiting for spring to come!  Ocean jasper and an antique bakelite cicada from 1920's France - here I am playing with combinations and asymmetry.  I love asymmetry, but asymmetrical pieces are hard to design.  This one took a lot of thought.  I'm still wondering if the clasp needs to be a bit bolder….yes I think it does!
Below is a custom piece just finished today.  The elements were chosen by my customer.  I love the prudent man agate! It's colors are somewhere between a canyon sunset and a pond full of algae.  Earthy.  Beautiful.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter in the City

This is the view from my studio at the Delavan Center.  It's really the best part of the studio - a huge window with lots of natural light and a view of the Niagara Mohawk building in the distance.  Today was a rare sunny day in the city, which has been deadly cold for the past few days.  Negative digits cold!
After a long and busy few weeks, I am back to creating new work.  I have some awesome pieces in progress!  I'm thinking about spring and getting my creative juices flowing again.  Stay tuned...