Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tiny Houses

The end of summer is approaching and I'll be finishing my busy show season with the Elmwood Avenue Festival Festival of the Arts in Buffalo followed by the Clothesline Festival in Rochester.  I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and having some fun.  I took the last 10 days off from work in order to spend time on Cape Cod with my family, but I still have some new goodies to bring with me to these events.  Below are three lockets recently completed.  These are a new take on my doorway lockets, only much smaller and all silver.  They measure about an inch tall, and open for storing tiny treasures.  The locket on the right is sold, but I will have the other two with me, along with a couple other lockets not pictured.

On my way to Cape Cod I also attended a gem show and purchased some gorgeous new stones for upcoming projects!  I hope to have a couple of them completed by the weekend!  Here are a couple rough sketches of what's in the works!  Hope to see you soon!  Follow the links at the right for details on both shows...
Rough sketches, chrysocolla drusy and cobalto calcite...both natural stones!

Natural Nevada spiderweb turquoise, pendant sketches.