Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Path Through the Forest

"A Path Through the Forest" could mean many things, but in this case it is a locket within which something can be kept safe.  I made this locket in the last two days as a custom order for someone to give his beloved.  I love to imagine all the things my designs could signify.  The locket is entirely hand-crafted.  The top layer is pierced using a jewelers saw and then soldered to another layer of silver.  The hinges and catches on these little guys can be very tricky but I'm getting better at it!  I also made a similar one with a tree of life on it. 

                                                                                        I finally succeeded in taking some presentable photos of earrings.  For some reason I find earrings the hardest to photograph.  I'm still working on developing my skills with photography.  The red flower earrings are made with fossilized coral cabochons.  The pair to the right are lace agate and turquoise.

This evening I will be attending a meeting for the SALT Makerspace.  SALT stands for Syracuse Alternative Learning and Technology Makerspace.  The group is still in the planning phase, but are well along the way to making this awesome idea a reality in Syracuse.  A "makerspace" is essentially a space for people to get together for the purpose of making - as in art, sculpture, etc. - and provide the tools and facility for such making to happen.  Ideally it creates a unique opportunity for people to work together, share ideas, share equipment, teach each other, and above all MAKE STUFF!  I'm not one of the original group, but have joined recently and I'm very excited about the project.  I hope I have described the mission accurately and I'll keep you posted as the project develops!