Sunday, April 27, 2014

Celebration of the Arts

This coming Friday is the opening of the Celebration of the Arts show at St. David's Episcopal Church in Dewitt.  The Gallery is open from 8 to 10pm Friday evening, and will have hours the following 2 weeks (see their website for specifics).  I enjoy seeing the work at this show as it includes pieces from several of the finest local artists: sculpture, painting, fiber, and ceramics, with just a few metal artists as well.  Here is one of the pieces I will have in the show.  It is titled "What Was Once Lost is Found".  I had fun creating the distressed, oxidized finish to highlight the rust and imperfections of my found objects.  The glass is a piece I found on the beach in Aruba this past winter.  The antique compass still works!
"What Was Once Lost is Found":  Sterling silver, brass, fossil ammonite, antique found objects.
Polychrome jasper and oxidized sterling silver.  Love this stone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Change is in the Air

Spring has arrived and many changes are happening.  We are preparing to move to a new home (very exciting!) in three weeks.  As part of this transition I have already moved my studio to a new space at the Delavan Center in Syracuse.  The Delavan is well known to artists in the area and houses about 100 studio spaces.  It was originally a John Deere factory and was converted to studio space many years ago by Bill Delavan.  I am loving it!  I have huge windows and fabulous lighting!  I plan to hold an open house before too long so folks can come check it out.  Here is a sampling of what's coming out of the studio.
Turquoise with chrysoprase and antique scrimshaw bone (left) and turquoise with coral (right)