Monday, September 1, 2014

Chain of Poppies

For three years during the 90's I lived in Northern Arizona while attending Prescott College.  One of my most vivid visual memories from that time is the fields of blooming wild orange poppy flowers.  I wish I had a photo to post of them for anyone who has never seen them!  Alas, I don't.  However, here is my own version created today in sterling silver. 
I think everyone can remember making flower chains at some point as a child.  It is one of those archetypal childhood memories.  I have made several versions of this necklace, and here's the latest!

Today I finally updated my show schedule for the remainder of 2014.  This weekend I will be in Rochester for the Clothesline Festival.  This is one of the largest shows that I do, with over 400 vendors.  I've worked hard this year to upgrade my booth and produce new work.  I will be in a new location this year and have upgraded to a corner booth.  My booth will be in the paved area to the right of the main entrance.  Stop by and check out my new work…. plus new banners, printed last week.  I am hoping they will help my booth stand out a bit and attract some new folks!!  Wish me luck, and stop by for a visit if you can:)