Monday, October 21, 2013

In the Studio

I finally have a moment to post!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the lovely fall weather.  It has been warmer than usual this year in Central New York and perfect for day hikes. I have still managed to fit in some work time, despite being tempted to enjoy the outdoors daily!

I wanted to share a glimpse of my studio where all the jewelry is created.  Below is a shot of my work bench.  I purchased a traditional jeweler's bench a few years ago and I love it!  It is heavy and sturdy, and withstands much hammering and abuse.

The piece on the right is one of my latest.  The stone is ocean jasper.  To me this stone looks like a beautiful moonscape in shades of green and pink.
Below is a bracelet, recently finished.  The stones are blue calcedony and peridot, with heavy sterling links.   Over the next few weeks I will be producing many new pieces for the holiday season.  This year I will be once again participating in the Plowshares Craft Fair and Peace Celebration the first weekend in December.  Stay tuned for more information!