Thursday, September 15, 2011

Le Petit Prince

September is here (how did it get here so fast?) and today really felt like fall. I resisted the urge to turn the heat on already even though I was totally chilled in the house! Last weeked was the Clothesline Festival in Rochester. My son Jordan helped me all weekend and I'm happy to say it was a really fine show, and I will be happy to return to Rochester. My earnings were enough to fund a brand new (and much needed!) workbench from Otto Frei. It should be here next week. Yay!

This piece sold over the weekend. It's called "The Little Prince", inspired by the book written by the French author Antoine de St. Exupery. The image is an antique photo of a little boy. The key holds it closed, and there are 2 sapphires for doorknobs. I will miss him, but I feel so priviledged to have someone purchase and appreciate my work. Thanks!