Friday, June 3, 2011

Asleep...awake, and the Westcott Art Trail

These carved bone faces are so sweet! I had fun making these. The photographs were taken by John Dowling. a local professional photographer. He did a very nice job photographing some of my jewelry recently. The bracelet below was also a fun piece to create. Sometimes I spend time just looking at all the stones I have, and the color relationships of different stones will start to talk to me. The stones in this bracelet were all in my drawer for a long time, and each on their own seemed unremarkable, but together they come alive: dryhead agate, carved bone, crazy lace agate, rutilated quartz, and jasper. On a different topic, this weekend is the Westcott Art Trail. Throughout the University neighborhood, over 80 artists from a wide range of mediums will be exhibiting. This is a really fine show, and I am always amazed at the quality of art created right here is my own neighborhood. My friend Lauren Ritchie has been one of the primary forces behind this show, along with the Westcott Community Center. Maps of the show can be downloaded at their website. The forecast is also looking really fine. Don't miss it!