Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bird Songs

We are all moved into our new house!  Our new home is a hundred year-old Spanish colonial stucco house.  It has a terra-cotta ceramic roof, that is, sadly, in need of repair.  However, one entertaining part of the roof is that it literally sings.  There are so many birds living in the nooks in the tiles that it seems to come alive with bird songs every morning!  I hope that all the baby birds will have left their nests by the time our roof is renovated later this summer:)
I enjoy treasure hunting.  This piece includes a cabochon from an antique treasure: a Chinese brooch that was broken.  I was able to remove this beautiful scrimshaw bone cabochon and set it in a modern silver prong setting with an orange garnet.  I love the result!  
Another recent project is this silver dragonfly cuff bracelet.  I really struggled to get a good photograph of this one (still thinking about purchasing a new camera!)  The dragonfly is 14k gold with blue topaz, amethyst, and peridot.  Below are trilobite earrings with turquoise.  Happy Summer!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I am always quite fascinated by fossilized rock.  They have so many centuries encapsulated in stone.  If I was a geologist, I suppose I would look at all rock material that way.  Below is a piece completed recently.  I love the contrast of the patterns in these two materials: purple tiffany stone which appears to have dendrites in it, and ammonite.
Happy May 1!!!