Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Sign of Spring

Sterling bumble bee with rose quartz
I've been thinking lately about the arts, and the immense benefit of having a vital art community.   Today I spent the afternoon in my studio.  My studio is in a building full of multiple artist's studios. Among them are painters, jewelers, photographers, clothing designers, architects, etc.. I've talked with my fellow artists lately and many of us have the same experience of our studios as being a refuge from the chaos of the outer world, a place for creativity, energy, and reflection.  When the world around us is in a state of conflict, creating provides a means to channel the frustrations we carry around and in turn create something that we give back to the world, whether it is work that reflects the conflict around us, or work that reminds us of more peaceful times.

There's no denying that our country is in a divided state, and these are challenging times for many. Rumors abound that our current administration may drastically reduce funding for arts programs, including the NEA. I haven't ventured to tackle political themes here in my blog, but it is my sincere hope that moving forward our country does not forget the vital importance of a thriving art community.  It is in creating, music, song, dance, performance, and the visual arts, that we come together, build relationships, and reflect. The arts can provide a venue for people to join and share experience.  The arts can be a starting point for community dialogue.  The arts are a nonviolent means to explore conflict, to release struggles that otherwise may never find an outlet.   The arts remind us of beauty and joy at times when we may only see anger and frustration around us. These are my thoughts today, and as always, thanks for reading!