Friday, August 1, 2014

Something Old, Something New

Lately I have revived a couple favorite designs, plus experimented with some new ones.  It has been a busy season, and the summer will once again be topped off with the Clothesline Show in Rochester, September 6 & 7.  Between now and then I plan to work like a mad-woman, with the exception of next week, during which I will be in Cape Cod for some much needed R & R.
This first design is the "something new".  This summer I started making the "framed nature" series.  This necklace is hand-fabricated using cast sterling twigs framed in sterling rectangular wire.  I like the contrast of the organic twigs with the angular frame.
The dragonfly is an old favorite.  Customers have been asking for them, so I decided to oblige.  These are lots of fun to make…..formed, textured, hammered, and carved.   This one has a pink tourmaline body.
Another old favorite is the tree design.  The other side has the stone in a modern tab-bezel.  The pendant is reversible.  This one has a carnelian agate, which is beautifully translucent on the other side so the tree silhouette shows through!