Friday, August 15, 2014

The Four Directions

This bracelet began with three pieces of earthy, boulder turquoise, and developed into a study of symbols. I often ponder direction as an abstract concept.  Historically I have been a person with a shockingly poor sense of direction.  I couldn't tell you why, that's just the way it is.  My lack of practical way-finding abilities has pushed me towards a fascination with all things symbolizing direction, way-finding, and it's metaphorical equivalent in decision-making.  The spiral and the cross are symbols that can be found in many cultures and spiritual traditions, both symbolizing in part the finding of the center.  In some way we are all eternally seeking balance, the center, and how to find our way in this universe.  Instead of prescribing a specific meaning to this piece, I offer it as a reflection of search for direction, whatever the beliefs and traditions of the wearer.  In seeking direction and balance we are searching for answers, the process of which is perhaps more important than the end result:)