Saturday, July 18, 2015

Little Pretty Things and the Syracuse Arts Festival

This coming weekend you can find me at the Syracuse Downtown Arts Festival.  I've never done this particular show before, but in the past I have always been pleasantly surprised and flattered by the support I've found in our little Syracuse community.  I look forward to seeing many familiar faces and plan to have an overall good time!
When I'm designing new pieces I find they can usually be described in one of three ways:  little pretty things, pretty ugly things, and pretty interesting things - narrative works that have much research put into them.  The latter are by far my favorite things to make, but they typically take many days to design and construct.  Pretty ugly things would describe my spiders and other insects.  They are super fun to make.  Then there are little pretty things.  Everybody once in awhile just needs something little and pretty to bring a smile or brighten up the day for a loved one.  Little pretty things need not be boring, in fact I hope to always produce work that is unique and inspired, whether it is a simple earring set or a more involved art piece. As a jewelry artist, I try to maintain fluidity in my work and move between different modes of creativity to keep things interesting, for both myself and my awesome customers.  On that note, I hope many of you have the chance to come by this weekend and see what's new from my little studio!