Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This summer has been super busy and I've fallen behind in my blog!  The truth is that I am behind on many things.....the result of a combination of family commitments and just basic over-commitment!  Anyhow, next week you can find me at the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival, downtown in Columbus Circle.  This year my booth will be in the central section of the festival.  
Ocean jasper "Crown of Poppies".
This necklace was inspired by my time living in Arizona in the 90's.  I fell in love with the landscape of the high desert. The ocean jasper cabochon makes me think of the orange poppy flowers that bloom there every spring.  For a time I was riding my bicycle as my primary transportation, and living in a camper that we parked near a vast rock formation called the Granite Dells (photo below). Everyday I would ride 5 miles to school and go by a field that bloomed full of orange poppies once a year.  I don't have a photo of that field, but I do have this photo of my son at the Dells from our trip in 2016.  It's outside of Prescott, AZ.  Go there if you ever have the chance!

Bumblebee jasper and citrine pendant.